Team NNF is always geared up to meet the demands of automotive industry: be it cost competitiveness or quick production turn-around or high, medium & even low volume requirements. Our team is ever-ready to support you in all kind of needs. We understand two pillars of automotive application are high performance & reliability. As a company we adhere to the best practices in the Industry in terms of quality, safety & reliability. We select a dedicated team that takes care of the complete program from its beginning to end – thereby ensuring smooth flow of process, documentation & execution. Our experience team with lean six sigma engineers ensure continuous improvement in process & every other aspects of our operations. We have been partnered with companies be it in raw material, heat treatment or surface treatment; who takes additional care to ensure best quality solutions are delivered every time. Our capabilities in providing a complete solution in terms of MIM, precision machining, heat treatment & surface treatment operation makes us one of the favorites among all MIM companies. We deliver components that are ready to be assembled.

Product Groups

  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • ABS, Safety Systems
  • Breaking Systems
  • Sensor Housings
  • Seating Systems
  • Turbochargers
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Connectors
  • Transmission Systems