Design Process

Design & Engineering

To strengthen our product development & manufacturing process we have in-house design & engineering team dedicatedly working on various projects.

Our scope in design extends to part design, tool/mold design, gauges & fixture design. Our experience design team is always available to support & suggest you the modification required in order to make the component suitable for MIM process. We also provide lot of value addition in re-designing of component that could give you enormous cost benefits, keeping the functionality intact.

Our primary strength relies on development of component in record time. Thanks to our experienced engineering team who put their years of experience & expertise while developing a component, making sure you receive samples exactly as per the print & within few weeks of time. As a practice we have dedicated team of engineers for each & every projects – making sure the program is taken care from beginning to end. There are weekly meetings held between various teams to share the learning of each project. This approach helps us to ensure better control on process while making the proper use of huge knowledge base we have over the years in developing arrays of components for different applications. During the development process both engineering and sales team work hand in hand, making sure smooth flow of information between customer & team NNF.

Sales & Support

Sales and Support

Our dedicated sales & support team are available 24X7 to attend your queries. We always ensure quick response with all possible information. All our sales personnel are from technical background & have hands-on experience in MIM technology. They are capable to understand your technical requirement and offer you solutions accordingly. We also have local sales representatives & offices in your regions to provide you best sales & after-sales support. We are a customer driven company and providing you best services is our primary objective.