MIM Process

MIM consists of four primary processes, followed by number of secondary processes that differs from case to case. The four basic processes in MIM are:


The process of feedstock preparation (raw material in common terms). Prepared by blending fine metal powder (particle size as small as 10 μm) with thermoplastic binders. The blenders are mixed thoroughly in a mechanical process until it becomes a homogeneous one. This ensures the smooth flow of feedstock into the cavities of mold during injection molding process.


Molding is almost similar process as plastic injection molding. Here feedstock is heated up to a temperature that ensures thermoplastic binders to melt and then injected into the mold with very high pressure. Further it is allowed to cool down, before the component is taken out from the mold. Based on the complexity and size of component, cavities in mold can be single or multiple in numbers.


The process of removing thermoplastics binders from molded component. They are placed in a closed chamber of mist solution atmosphere with controlled heat and flow-ability for a certain time period. Mist solution reacts with primary binders and are completely removed from the component.

Pre-Sintering and Sintering

Final stage of MIM process. De-bounded components are heated slowly in a controlled atmosphere inside sintering furnace. This allows secondary binders to evaporate and fusion to take place between molecules. In sintering shrinkage takes place and components gets the final shape as per the design requirements. Sintered components have the mechanical and metallurgical properties similar to wrought metal.

Other Secondary Operations

Based on the specific requirement and application, MIM components may go through various post-MIM secondary operations like heat-treatment, precision machining, surface coating/treatments etc. MIM components provide the flexibilities of carrying-out all kinds of operations, as wrought metal. We take-up all post-MIM secondary operations and supply you the components that are ready to assemble.