Industrial & General

Industrial segment mostly depends on the product with high performance and reliability. Since inception we have been supplying MIM components for industrial, hardware & general engineering applications. We have developed more than 60 different components for these applications alone. Our offering includes variety of materials with different properties such as high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance etc. In recent times with increase in automation across the industry, usage of MIM components becoming more popular & familiar. Our experience in serving this segment for a long time gives us immense advantage to understand specific requirement, and provide cost-effective quality solutions accordingly.

Product Groups

  • Automated Door Mechanism & Fittings
  • Door & Window Systems
  • Security, Locks and Fitting Mechanisms
  • Rooftop Opening Mechanisms
  • Building Systems, Automation & Control
  • Solar Technology & Renewable Energy
  • Lifts & Escalators
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Textile Machineries
  • Gate & Parking Systems
  • Packaging Machineries
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • High-Pressure Valve Components

Our Support Extends To

  • Extensive design support
  • Proto-typing for new products
  • Shortest development lead time in the market
  • Immediate production ramp-up
  • Flexible quantity and production requirements
  • Material with high strength, wear & corrosion resistance